I'm trying to join a team, but it says the team is full!

There could be several reasons the Team you are trying to join is showing as full. Most of these reasons will require the Team Captain to verify Team information. You may also find you need to contact the Event Organizer.

Reasons may include:

  • The Team's maximum member limit may have been reached. Check with your Team Captain and see how many members are on the team. You should also double-check the maximum Team size accepted by the Event.
  • It's also possible that another athlete joined your Team by mistake, filling the last slot. Have your Team Captain check the Team roster for any unknown people.
  • The Team could be in an age or gender Bracket that excludes your entered information. Team Brackets in ChronoTrack Live are sensitive to a variety of information including age and gender. Check with your Team Captain and see if the Team is in a Bracket that might exclude you based on this information.

Note: In order for the Team Captain to view the above information, the Event must offer the ability for the Team Captain to admin his/her team. If this ability is not provided, contact the Event Organizer using the Event's Web Page to get the necessary information and assistance.


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