My friends and I are supposed to be on the same team, but we're not...

Sometimes when signing up for a Team, multiple members may spell a team name different ways. This may lead to the creation of multiple similar teams.

Example: NE Boyz/Northeast Boys/N.E. Boyz

If you run into this problem, the best solution is to contact the Event Organizer through the Event's Web Page.

To Avoid this Problem:

  • When creating or joining a team, remember that team names are case sensitive.
  • If you are creating a team, be sure to communicate the exact Team name to your teammates.
  • If you are joining an existing team, double-check with your team captain or the member who created the team to ensure you are spelling the team name correctly. 
  • When entering a Team name for a team that already exists, you should see a drop-down containing Team names similar to the entered text. Ensure that you select the correct Team.
  • If your Team name contains numbers, slang, or acronyms that may or may not be spelled out, try searching for a word that would not change.
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