I don't see my Race in my Event Profile...

If you saw a confirmation e-mail and/or a charge on your Credit Card, you are most likely successfully registered for the Race.

If you do not see a particular Race that you registered for in your Event Profile, it may be because you are logged in to ChronoTrack Live with an e-mail other than what you signed up with.

If you signed in with a student or work e-mail, but registered with your personal e-mail (or another combination) you will not see the Race in your Profile. Signing up for a Race via Social Media can often cause confusion about which e-mail to sign in with.

Make sure you are logged in with the e-mail address you used to register for the race. 

If you find you have several races spread out over several accounts (different e-mail addresses) there is a way to Merge Multiple Accounts.

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