Using Groupon Codes

If you experience an "Invalid Code" error, review our tips below:

Please Note: If you still can't get your code to work after considering the tips below, the next step is to contact the Event Organizer directly. The Event Organizer handles and authorizes all details and rules involved with coupons.

1. Make sure you read The Fine Print on the Groupon deal that was purchased. Most Groupon codes are only good for certain Registration Choices OR Start Times. Make sure that you are choosing a valid choice in the beginning of registration. 

2. Make sure that you are entering in the Redemption Code from Groupon. This is usually a code that starts with "GRP". There should be no spaces.

3. Make sure that you're using a code that has not reached its Expiration Date. 

4. Most Groupon codes can only be used ONCE. Make sure it has not already been redeemed.

Groupon Codes purchased through Groupon can be entered in the "Promotional Discount" screen of registration just before checkout. 


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