Athlinks RaceDay App GPS Tracking FAQs

Question: How do I track myself/someone else with GPS?

Answer: In order for GPS to track an athlete, the athlete must have their phone on them while running and must hit the “Start Tracking” button as they approach or cross the start line; otherwise, GPS will not track them.


Question: How many people can I track?

Answer: As a spectator, you can track up to 10 athletes. As a participant, you can only track yourself.


Question: Why does my app close down when I try to start tracking?

Answer: If your phone's location services are disabled on your phone, the app will automatically close down. This is an issue that is currently being addressed. To avoid this, simply make sure you enable location services on your phone before trying to launch tracking.


Question: When should I start the tracking feature?

Answer: We recommend starting the tracking feature a couple minutes before the race start. Time is not as important for the tracking as your location. Pace and position information will begin populating once you are 100 meters past the start line.

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