Athlinks RaceDay App Team FAQs

Question: We forgot to hit “Start” at the beginning of the race. And now tracking shows that our team hasn’t started the race.  What do we do?

Answer: On the screen where you would have hit start, notice the “Edit” button.  Press that, and then on the next screen, you can swipe any exchange point or the start to the left and hit the edit button.  There, you can easily enter the approximate start/exchnage time.  NOTE: make sure you have the correct DATE entered or tracking will be very inaccurate.


Question: We missed one of the exchanges, and we’re not sure when the handoff took place. What do we do?

Answer: For the tracking to be the most accurate, logging every exchange is the best.  But if you miss an exchange, tracking will still work very well.  Just remember, the more exchanges you log accurately, the better tracking will work for your team.


Question: My phone battery died, can I use a teammates phone?

Answer: Absolutely.  In fact, every member on the team can log in to log/edit exchanges.


Question: I accidentally logged the same exchange twice. Will this mess things up?

Answer: Not at all.  The most recent log that you entered will be the one that tracking will use.  And if you need to manually correct an exchange, you can always do so on the edit screen.


Question: I don’t have my teams BIB#, how do I get it?

Answer: To look up your team's BIB#:

  1. Click the Roster Icon from the Home screen
  2. Click on the Search Icon in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your team’s name
  4. Select your team
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