If I log into CT Live with Athlinks, what happens?

CT Live and Athlinks have recently merged their platforms. This means that you can view, track, and take actions on all your events which you have previously registered for, and view your Athlinks results and interact with Athlinks friends with the same account. 

If you're registering for an event, you may see this login screen. You can choose to Sign in With Athlinks or Continue as Guest. Continuing as a Guest will allow you to create an Athlinks account at the end of the Registration process. 


If you log in with Athlinks or create an Athlinks account and Athlinks account has the same email address as your CT Live membership, you will see the following announcement.

Your two accounts will now be linked and you will be able to register for events or access your account with either your Athlinks or your CT Live account information.


Contact Support: 888-600-2298 > Hours: Monday - Friday 9 - 5 PM Mountain Time